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A nice perched Northern Hawk-Owl (Surnia ulula),

The northern hawk-owl (Surnia ulula) is a non-migratory owl that usually stays within its breeding range, though it sometimes irrupts southward. It is one of the few owls that is neither nocturnal nor crepuscular, being active only during the day.

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60 Cute Owl Pictures – Some Interesting Pictures For You To Enjoy

Snowy owl - male feathers grow lighter as the owl matures, and adult male snowy owls may be completely white.

wow! Ready, Set… by Christopher Dodds.

A Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca, Harfang des neighs) takes flight from a snow covered farm field on an overcast day during the great Snowy Owl Irruption that occurred during the winter of Chris Dodds, photo



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by Axel Hildebrandt

27 Outstanding Owl Images

Photo of an owl in flight “Northern Hawk Owl” ~ Photography by Axel Hildebrandt

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I needle felted this Snowy Owl in 4 days. Needle felting is using wool roving and stabbing the fibers with a very sharp, barbed needles. The barbs knot . A needle felted, Snowy Owl