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Plastic bags creations in plastics fabric  with Plastic Creation Bags

Plastic Bags Creations

I use all sorts of plastic bags to make carpets, bags, cushions, toys. ++ More information at Just plastic bags website ! Idea sent by Mazaudier Brigit

EcoSpark: Reusing & Recycling Plastic Bags There is a video demonstrating how to make plain and begin to crochet with it.

recycled grocery bag basket - pink and green watermelon. Page also has a video on how to make plarn

Plastic bag creations. Recycle!

Plastic Bags Creations

Plastic bags creations in plastics fabric with Plastic Creation Bags There is brief instructions in the comments. The web site she mentions is not in english.

melt plastic bags to make bowls

supercyclers: Plastic Fantastic DIY bowls from plastic bags. Use a cup or a bowl as a mold. Lay them in and apply heat. Wear respirator to protect yourself from the fumes.

Great tutorial on turning plastic bags into plarn... which then I will crochet into reusable grocery bags, of course!

How to Make Plastic Yarn

This Instructables is here to show you how to create plastic yarn or plarn. Plastic yarn is made from old plastic bags and saves you money from buying regular yarn!

Oven + Chip Pack = Keyring

wash so all the chip crumbs and oils are out of the bag - gently dry with a paper towel. Place the bag on a greased piece of tin foil covering the baking sheet and put it into an oven set around and melt to the size you want. Small bags keyrings etc.