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Forget that "early bird" nonsense. It's the Big Mouth that gets the worm.

Hahahha couldn't be more accurate with the current female situation.

because sometimes you aren’t your brothers keeper…

Free, Workplace Ecard: Some people couldnt be nice even if a Unicorn shoved a Fairy Wand up their ass while Judy Garland stood there singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Yo no hablo ,yo no escucho,yo no veo!!

I'm looking for clipart or in disney cruise see no evil clipart collection - ClipartFox

A reply to "Your contact last month has Won".

Funny pictures about Dealing with Spammers. Oh, and cool pics about Dealing with Spammers. Also, Dealing with Spammers.

Non verbal communication ... simple and complicated!

Non Verbal Communication: Simple, complicated and incomplete (what is happening between the two genders, and how is that affecting culture?

A silly cartoon featuring Cookie

Funny pictures about Delete Cookies ?, tagged with computer, cookie monster, cookies, delete posted in Gags

I want to say this to every shopper at the market

Funny Get Well Ecard: Get well soon because your cough is fucking disgusting. My life right now!

alphabet cara carol

Alphabet Questions Answered! (The First Grade Parade)