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Social Studies Anchor Charts by Bow Tie Guy and Wife | Teachers Pay Teachers

Social Studies Anchor Charts

Great hands-on ideas for setting the stage for the American Revolution

some homemade 'tea" artifacts from the Revolutionary War.kids create them on their own to begin our unit on the American Revolution Definitely doing this

This Common Core reading and social studies activity is interesting and thought-provoking for students. Students will work in a cooperative group to examine scenarios with realistic people. They will decide if the person's rights were respected, according to the Bill of Rights. Students are also asked to correlate the scenario to an Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Bill of Rights in Everyday Life

Let's Take a Field Trip! 5 Virtual Field Trips for History and Social Studies Teachers

5 Virtual Field Trips for History and Social Studies Teachers: A reminder that history can be accessed in different ways. You don't always have to be there to experience history - the internet makes many exotic places tourable.

Educational games can appeal to students of all ages and are a fun way to review for a test or reinforce prior knowledge. The "Who Am I?" game is great for social studies, literature, and art.

Social Studies Games - Who Am I? Educational Game

PERFECT for Social Studies integration with ELA! U.S. Government texts for 4th & 5th grade PERFECT for use in Social Studies context or integrated into ELA during guided reading groups! Could also be given as homework! Common core questions and answer keys included.

United States Government: Passages

GLE Identify the 3 branches of government and describe their major responsibilities. grade: Civics GLE Explain the structure and functions of the 3 branches of government

This is a great website that provides an example of a group project about battles that students can do.  It also provides links to research battles fought.  The students could make display their information on poster boards.

Fantastic Civil War and Revolutionary War project ideas - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!