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ENFP - negative traits --- this is pretty spot on for over half of them

ENFP - negative traits --- This is a great list. (Not saying every ENFP has these issues, but that that *can*) I definitely have issues with a lot of these things. Such as mundane tasks.>>> this list is confirmed by an enfp

I just want to say that Percy can't speak horse/fish. Horses and Fishes can understand humans (Hazel with Arion) but humans can't understand them. Percy can understand what they say, which makes it easier for them to communicate. But he can't speak horse/fish. Thank you

Percy and Coach Hedge know the best languages. Frank could also do Canadian French

Rhett Butler; Peter Pan; Clopin; Clark Kent/Superman; Lex Luthor (DON'T JUDGE); Gilbert Blythe; Angel; Han Solo; Anakin Skywalker (DON'T JUDGE ME FOR HIM, EITHER, OK); Indiana Jones; I'm sure there are so many more I am neglecting to mention... #NoShame

Lmfao so true! One of the biggest fangirl problem is shipping a fictional character with another character and yourself<----Litterally the worst feeling ever

I hate foot ball too percy, me too.

I hate foot ball too percy, me too.

When the cold hard truth slaps you in the face

night sounds are the worst! the pipes in my house make it sound like someone is tapping at my window and tapping on my bed at night :/

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