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Birthstones Guide

Check out this site providing facts and information about Birthstones. A list, chart, descriptions and colors of Birthstones. Find out the birthstones for each month.

The Beauty of Birthstone Jewelry Awesome birthstone chart showing the meaning, history and origin of your birthstone for your birthday month. Mine is August, the Peridot. :) << i have July, the Ruby

Birthstones By Month Infographic

Birthstones By Month Infographic

♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

His & Hers Zodiac Astrological Sign Bracelets......Yoga Bracelet. Mens & Womens Meditation Bead Mala. Black Onyx Zodiac Hororscope birthstone.

HIS & HERS ZODIAC: Matte Black Onyx| Yoga Chakra Bracelet

MANTRA: I aspire to inspire. - Black Onyx Round Natural Gemstones - Tibetan Silver Zodiac Talismen - Commercial Strength, Latex Free Elastic Band - Artisan Crafted in our West Hollywood Studio


Mothers Necklace with Kids Birthstones - 10 Personalized Necklaces Mom Will Love!


Happy Birthday July Babies! Learn more Ruby birthstone jewelry in this infographic. #RossSimons

FAQ: What are Aries Birthstones? – Aries Birthstones are red jasper and emerald. What are Aries birthstone colors? What semi-precious birthstones are a match for the Aries sign natives?

Garnet, The January Birthstone #Infographic

January babies, how much do you REALLY know about your gorgeous birthstone? Symbolizing faith, truth, and constancy. Garnet, the January Birthstone!

Gemstone Match Up - still prefer Purple Amethyst, since my birthstone is very expensive. I do have blue topaz earrings, that I love, and a black opal ring, I love.

The Gemstone Guide: Hair and Eye Colors Meet Their Match Infographic

Nordic folklore, some interesting mythological creatures and figures

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore these creatures have a likely origin of the Jotner in Norse mythology. Jotner were most damaging to the Norse gods , but sometimes benefit

Index Finger - Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen

Index Finger - Rub Your Index Finger And See What Will Happen

Reflexology claims that every point on our body is connected with our hands. Especially science and ancient Chinese medicine have demonstrated this theory. It is said that on our hands is a map of …

Happy Birthday May Babies! Learn more about your emerald birthstone in this infographic. #RossSimons

Emerald Gemstones Eugenia Loli Emerald Gemstone Crystals Garnet, The January BirthstoneEmerald crystal on matrix…Emerald, The