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Ian Murray McKellen was born on May in Burnley, Lancashire, England. That makes Sir Ian 75 years old today! The actor is perhaps best known for bringing Tolkien's wizard Gandalf to life in Peter Jackson's films of The Lord of the Rings

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lord of the rings the return of the king aragorn - Google zoeken

lord of the rings the return of the king aragorn - Google zoeken

Two of the most attractive dwarves in the Hobbit movies, besides Thorin.

Fili & Kili at your service. Everyone backstage calls them the "hunky, boy band dwarves" :P


needs more Tolkien dumps

The Fate of the Fellowship, for people who haven't read the books. The endings in the books are still with me every time I watch the movies.


John Rhys Davies didn't get a tattoo. His stunt double did though.

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Annnnnnnd it’s finally finished! After spent loads of time working on it I decided to tune in my inner Elsa, sang “Let it go” and decided to post it just like it is.


I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure. -Gandalf J. Tolkein- The Hobbit

How The Hobbit started.

The Hobbit: Tolkien talking about the start of The Hobbit. "If only all our procrastination could result in a masterpiece of fantasy literature." And that one line created the basis for my entire life. I owe everything to Tolkien.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey IMAX Posters

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey IMAX posters. IMAX posters for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen.

Lord of the Rings Elvish Language Alphabet

My reading a few years ago teacher had us decipher sentences in elvish when we read The Hobbit :)

Tengwar numbers. i dont why, i juts wan to have this saved somewhere.

I have always wanted an elvish tattoo. Tolkien’s Tengwar Elvish language. Lord of the Rings Movies