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Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward-remember seeing her in Carrollton going into the grocery-I remember hearing she had married Chalkley (sp) & moved to Carrollton when I was little


Portrait of Susan Hayward for I Can Get It For You Wholesale directed by Michael Gordon, Photo by Frank Powolny

Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

Hedy Lamarr; (9 November 1914 – 19 January 2000) was an Austrian and American actress and inventor. After an early film career in Germany, which culminated in her controversial nude scenes in the film Ecstasy. She moved to Hollywood & became a star during the studio's golden age. She was called the "most beautiful woman in Europe". Her frequency-hopping idea is a basis for modern spread-spectrum communication technology, such as Bluetooth, used in Wi-Fi network connections.

Susan Hayward was a Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning film actress who starred in the movies Smash-Up and I Want to Live! One of my all time favorite actresses.