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Excellent Examples Of Photo Manipulation Work By Creative Designers

Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular usage of Adobe Photoshop. There are thousands of excellent photo manipulation work created by creative

Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills by Firat Doger (Behance)

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Guia de significados das cores e combinações [Definitivo

Aprenda a criar um site ou blog passo a passo

Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

The_Smoke_by_lucaszoltowski (anti-smoking ad-)

allblackerrthingus:  Everything Hip-hop/Fashion

smoke and die image on We Heart It

Jacob Reischel Photography

Jacob Reischel Photography

Jacob Reischel Photography // Use two different papers to photograph your product.

"Wow."  "I swear I don't anymore." "..."  "Shut up, like you don't."

Joanna Ference - Lipstick Stains Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers,.

Anti-smoking advertising design

Anti smoking campaigns are becoming more creative and hard to ignore these days. Here is a showcase of some really powerful anti-smoking campaigns.

Lovestore - Make love, not war.

Make love, not war - LoveStore, Bullet

"Mind if I smoke?" - "Care if I die?"  No smoking advertisement in Las Vegas, year 1999, scanned from an APS-C film

"Mind if I smoke?" No smoking advertisement in Las Vegas, year scanned from an APS-C film

My iPhone 5 Wallpaper - the one I just liked!

My iPhone 5 Wallpaper - the one I just liked! anti smoking Smoking kills, stop encouraging people to smoke! Instead encourag.

Image result for irving penn cigarette photography

irving penn still life cigarette. I like that this images sends out a message to its audience. For example, I think that it could represent the fact that all our processed food can be just as deadly as a cigarette

publicidad antitabaco 24

24 Carteles de publicidad antitabaco para considerar dejar de fumar

Interesting play on light and shadow.

Nueva sección inmobiliaria de The New York Times diseñada usando la portada como unas cortinas de un hogar.    New real estate section of The New York Times designed using the cover as a home curtains.

f/x ad: "Peek into it. The newly redesigned New York Times Real Estate section" NY Times ad by Reid Miller

Life...is serious...so is a gun, so are cigarettes, so is your health...your life is your valuable asset. Its all up to you.

Serious advertising

I really like this poster. The shadow of the hand and cigarette appears to be a hand holding a gun. It would look even better with smoke coming out of the cigarette, making it look like the gun was just fired.

Anti-Smoking Creative Ad

If you worry about gaining a lot of weight while you quit smoking you have good reason to feel that way. Smoking is a habit that involves both the hand and the