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Decorative Closet Doors

Interior Decorating Secrets - Decorating Tips and Tricks - House Beautiful Wallpaper Is Easy The fastest way to make over sliding closet doors is to wallpaper them, like Melissa Warner did to turn a bedroom into her office. Design by Melissa Warner

When we launched This Old APT on tumblr, we had a thing called Washi Tape Week. Then we posted about washi tape SO MUCH, that you asked us to stop.  	 We're sorry about that.  	 Here's the CliffsNotes from what will live on forever in infamy as Washi-O.D. Week :( -@TabithaSukhai  	 Photo frames  ...

The Snug Is Now a Part of

The curse of plain white doors is something that’s plagued renters for years. So this faux-fancy washi tape upgrade is a welcome find. VIA almostmakesperfect -EL

The Creek Line House: DIY Closet Doors - 10+ Beautiful and Inspiring Ideas!

The Creek Line House: DIY Closet Doors - 10 Beautiful and Inspiring Ideas!

Closet door alternative, light, easy to make and beautiful. Tip and tutorial on how to make your own closet doors DIY. @GrandmasHousDIY

How to: Build your own inexpensive closet doors

Closet door alternative, light, easy to make and beautiful. Tip and tutorial on how to make your own closet doors DIY. I'd use a non-sheer fabric.

DIY Craftsman Style 5 panel closet doors -bifold closet door update                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Craftsman Style 5 panel closet doors -bifold closet door update - love to paint doors this color for laundry space upstairs

wallpapered closet doors..or you could paint/stencil them Interesting idea!

Wallpapered Sliding Closet Doors DIY LOVE this idea!just different colors/pattern.

Create a New Look for Your Room with These Closet Door Ideas closet door alternatives ideas, attic closet door ideas, closet door ideas beads, closet door ideas for bedrooms, closet door ideas for bathroom, closet door ideas for small bedrooms. #closetdoorideas #closetdoor #doorideas

Best 8 Closet Door Ideas To Styles Your Home

This ruffled draped closet door seems to be trending. Drapery Panels for Closet Doors. hang from inside! I love these for curtains in the office, only in natural burlap!

Remove closet doors and add curtains. Looks nicer and long ates wall

DIY Closet Door Ideas

curtain for closet door. My daughter has a ridiculously long closet. I'm in the process of splitting it in two - one side as a desk and the other as her closet. I want to remove all closet doors and use the curtain on the closet side.

mid century modern closet doors - Google Search

How to: Give Boring Closet Doors an Inexpensive, Architectural Makeover

How to give boring closet doors an inexpensive architectural makeover! I'd like a nice clean white with the bold wall color but this idea adds nice texture to white doors.

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Bacon wrapped green beans with butter, brown sugar, and garlic mixture poured over them, then baked.

Chevron striped bi-fold office door makeover from FlutterFlutter. I have awful gold-trimmed, mirrored closet doors. Maybe I can change them to bifold and paint!

Chevron striped bi-fold door makeover for my office. Could do with other patterns to bring a bit of fun to the closet :)

Closet Door DIY - Wood casing (trim) applied to door and painted for faux five panel doors

6 Closet Door DIY Transformations

diy bi-fold closet doors made with casing. Leave space at the right and left hinges with the casing so it does not prevent the doors from opening fully. Pretty bi fold doors and could get pulls from IKEA.