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#GunFreeZones a place to congregate without a #gun….unless you are a #gun toting #criminal.  * *

Marines had guns, but no bullets in the Navy Ship Yard. Hard to imagine how they were expected to defend innocent people who were shot to death by a crazed Obama supporter

Political Cartoons - Political Humor, Jokes, and Pictures, Obama, Palin ~ January 14, 2014 - 115195

Political Cartoons - Political Humor, Jokes, and Pictures, Obama, Palin ~ January 2014 - 115195

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

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The term "useful idiots" was used by Stalin in reference to the people who brought him to power - Once they had served their purpose and were no longer useful, and because they were considered idiots, they were the first he let die.

Government handouts at an all-time high and Obama decides to start radio advertising advocating for the use of food stamps to minorities. Some would call that buying votes, liberals would say he is a true messiah, concerned about the people. You decide.

Did Prohibition keep people from getting and drinking alcohol? Only idiots believe banning works.

Facebook Tuesday …. Plus!!

Can't really argue this... I don't see any push for registration or background checks to purchase a "pressure cooker"...  no law will stop insane people.....

If i can remember, bombs in someway triggered by a person. Guns are equipped and effective only by manually using them. So why aren't the "shooters" blamed for but the guns are? Guns can't walk into a school with its legs and unload bullets.

Some "Common Sense" in a Society where this commodity is in Dangerously Short Supply. COMMOM SENSE GUN CONTROL NOW!!!

Active shooter scenario, self defense, gun rights, second amendment