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i'm not really a fan of face tattoos but i love this one because it's telling people that tattoos are art and they really are. i hate when people say that things like tattoos aren't art, like do they know how much artistic skill and talent that takes?

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Definitely not saying I want face tattoos, I just thought this was cool, minus the face piercings

b i r d .

Am I the only one thinking that ash stymest looks like andy biersack?

Well I say.. I say. 'Very bold placement there" And she responds with "We all float down here."

Well I say. 'Very bold placement there👍" And she responds with "We all float down here.

I like the fact that as well as the bottle the glass is full.

30 Classy Tattooed People Who Show That Body Art Doesn't Make You Unprofessiona. This guy is just beautiful haha but do reals tho really nice article and does make a point 👆need a guy like this o.