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NEVER attempt to summon Azathoth! This enormous and quite insane monster cannot be controlled and if the ritual is not performed perfectly, the summoner will pay for his folly not only with his life, but the life of every living thing in this universe!

Screaming on the highway,dying on the chair. — antipahtico: Arkham Horror: The Dunwich Horror


Nyarlathotep: "I am the last. I will tell the audient void. Lovecraft p sh f I thnk

Insane luxury: 55m pastrovich studio's X-easy yacht simplifies life at sea

pastrovich studio’s X-easy yacht simplifies life at sea (Designboom)


Shub-Niggurath, in the caverns beneath Mount Voormithadreth, is constantly bubbling and putting forth mouths, limbs, pseudopods and whole creatures. Erol Otus is the master of insane formless chaotic creatures. (From the first printings of Deities &.