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Don't infringe the rights of others just because you choose not to do those things yourself. Duh. This is the very heart of libertarianism.

What it means to think like a libertarian

What it means to think like a libertarian / voluntaryist / anarchist.

But that would only benefit children and families, and Congress doesn't care about them. Now benefits to billionaires, that's something Congress can care about!

This is our crazy greedy corrupt politicians wanting the lobbyist money.they should not allow this theft of taxpayers funds!

Trump couldnt pass the ethics test to lead a cub scout troop but go ahead and vote to make him president of the whole freaking country.

and heralds the end of a more JUST and MORAL America! Wake up! Vote GOP OUT!!!!!!

This is more than white supremacy, this is Republicans being blind to reality so much they worship a truly awful human, because they agree with the all the racism and sexism he will create in his term

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Donald J. Trump on Twitter: ""thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush's swearing-in....he doesn't believe Bush is the true elected president." Sound familiar! WP"

Donald J. Trump on

Hilarious Church Signs That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud Before Pausing To Think

We need Gun Control Now!!

A reminder to the paranoid pro gun owners "They are going to take all the guns away" We reduced drunk driving accidents without a total ban on alcohol. Then again, we didn't think more alcohol was the solution to drunk driving.

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Let me get this straight: Republicans in Congress want to give mentally ill people access to firearms but want to limit their access to mental health coverage?

We got to see ONE page from ONE year of his tax returns, (that he promised to release if he were elected), which showed he lost nearly one billion dollars in a single year, while running casinos, a business that always makes a profit because the house always wins. Yet his underpaid, uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, racist supporters voted for him anyway. Cuz Erma-Gerd, Heez Gone Mayk Murica Grate Agin!

But, by all means let's let a man who has declared bankruptcy multiple times, lost more money than he's made, and is also racist and bigoted into the White House