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DCp5_j1V0AA337-.jpg (800×800)

Babymetal fan art "Breaking the Law" by Hirokazu Sato

hirokazu sato on


Here is some BABYMETAL cool Fan Art picture i have find in and around the web. Fan art or fanart are artworks created by fans of a work of fiction (generally visual media such as comics, movies, te…

Babymetal fan art by haiiro Twitter @hi_ghi_ro

haiiro on

Yeah, Moa, when hyped, I too play invisible volleyball.

勝手にロゴ作ってゴメンね、最愛ちゃん!<(_ _)>  #BABYMETAL  #MOAMETAL  #MOAMETAL聖誕祭2015  #菊地最愛  #菊地最愛生誕祭2015  #7月4日は最愛の誕生日

イチキタ(1KITa) on

勝手にロゴ作ってゴメンね、最愛ちゃん!<(_ _)> #BABYMETAL #MOAMETAL #MOAMETAL聖誕祭2015 #菊地最愛 #菊地最愛生誕祭2015 #7月4日は最愛の誕生日

こりゃ初めて見る絵だ可愛いね〜(*´ω`*) “@Ami_Mizuno_5: ONEGAI!!!! #MexicoWantsBABYMETALBack @TakayoshiOhmura ”

Amy Mizuno on

Just the kind of thing I like, synths+heavy guitar riffs+pop vocals. These guys are awesome.

【画像】BABYMETALが『Hysteria Magazine』表紙に抜擢!スマホDL無料! : BABYMETALまとめもりー

【画像】BABYMETALが『Hysteria Magazine』表紙に抜擢!スマホDL無料! : BABYMETALまとめもりー

Awesome fanart YUI-METAL from KAZU-METAL@kazu_metal https://twitter.com/kazu_metal/status/595731099034202112  originated by Happosai  (http://forum.nihongogo.com/topic/14435-babymetal-m-m/page-5) ??

かず on