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Toothbrush Sanitizer, I'll be getting a stack of these! @Bert Chapters

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer - zaps up to of germs and bacteria. To sanitize, simply insert your toothbrush and press the button. When the light stops blinking, your toothbrush is germ-free!

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Fill cupcake tins with the perfect amount of batter each and every time. This looks like a magical cupcake wand!

this is the type of dog i want when i can afford it! i love english bull terriers!

English Miniature Bull Terrier oh my goodness I have an English bull terrier but the miniature is adorable

Creative Kitchen Products That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pictures) | Picture the Recipe

I freakin need this for my braces! I hate how I can't eat corn off the cob, and cutting it all off is such a pain.

Bull Terriers Art

Bull Terriers Art

Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator...if I still baked alot this would be fun to have

Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator Crack an egg and pour it into the chick separator. Tilt the chick and the yolk remains inside while the egg white drips through the beak. A must-have for bakers and dieters!