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Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end. But in my hearts the memory and there you'll always be. ....scene always makes me cry

Day 24 saddest disney movie: fox and the hound. saddest scene ever. Makes me cry my eyes out every time T_T

Love Dr House... Love Netflix also for putting this show on instant streaming  :)  plus many other shows I love to watch that aren't on Tv anymore.

Order House Music Soundtrack at barns and nobles . Hugh Laurie even wrote some of the music. I hope he has a seperate CD

*cries softly in a corner* << *cries loudly in a corner* << *starts sobbing and wailing* <-- *tears quietly rolling down the cheeks*

*cries softly in a corner* << *cries loudly in a corner* << *starts sobbing and wailing* <-- *tears quietly rolling down the cheeks*<<<<*blames Billy Boyd for making us all cry*

Moffat and his huge plot holes..seriously. <-- ACTUALLY, for the people who were paying ATTENTION The Doctor has ALREADY reaf the words "Amelia's last Farewell" If he went back AGAIN to see them EVER in New York or somewhere else, the paradox would be too much. Its quite simple when you think of it as "timey wimey." You're welcome

How the timey wimey really works…

The physics of Timey Wimey explained at last in one of the saddest episodes ever! (I thought it was the saddest until I saw the Time of the Doctor)

Farewell Zayn Malik....may we always remember how stupid you were for leaving One Direction after 4 years...✌

Everything that you every dreamed of disappearing when you wake, but theirs nothing to be afraid of even when the night changes. It will never change me and you

Set against the background of World War l Italy, Ernest Hemingway's romantic drama "A Farewell to Arms" recounts the romantic collision of Ambulance Driver Lt. Henry and spirited nurse Catherine Barkley who fall in love and stop at nothing to be together. Streaming on MovieZoot.com: http://moviezoot.com/movies/a-farewell-to-arms/

A Farewell to Arms Blu-ray Starring Gary Cooper (I), Helen Hayes and Adolphe Menjou. A tale of the love between ambulance driver Lt. Henry and Nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I. The action takes place in Italy and the two fall.