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concept ships: Spaceship concept art by Tuomas Korpi

See more of Tuomas' work on CGHub. Keywords: concept spaceship flying vehicle sci-fi science fiction digital concept i.

A long over due visit to ZBC

Timelapse of my Star Fighter in Zbrush using Zmodeler for the Low Poly Generation and used my Greeble Element Technique to create the Detailed Panels.

Steve ChinHsuan Wang

Attempting to design a ship that is bigger in scale, will try out some new painting techniques with this one :).

Concept ships by Kory Hubbell

koryface on cghub. Keywords: spaceship art hover speeder floating bike craft design by professional concept artist kory hubbell carbin.

2017 | Concept art | Book cover | Piers Platt by Geoffroy Thoorens on ArtStation.

Geoffroy Thoorens is a freelance concept artist, illustrator and matte painter based in Paris, France. He has recently worked on a series of experimental short films created by director Neill Blomkamp and his VFX team at Oats Studios.

concept ships: Concept spaceships by Kian Ng

kianchai on CGhub. Keywords: concept space spaceship spacecraft sci-fi science fiction futuristic video game flying vehicles end .