vintage hand tinted postcard

Vintage French hand tinted photo postcard - Lady with flower wreath - Victorian Paper Ephemera

Old school

Flapper fashion…Marie Prevost Love the embellished, brimless cloche! Pearls and fur.

Orson Welles, February 3rd 1940 issue of The Saturday Evening Post (i love your pipe and suspenders, sir)

How the 'War of the Worlds' on the Radio Caused a Panic: American actor, producer, and director Orson Welles speaks into a microphone during a broadcast of his CBS radio program, 'First Person Singular'. Welles wears headphones and holds a pipe.

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Image result for 1920s advertisements

1920's women hairstyles - Google Search

A J Cook Hairstyle

Marcel waves from the and like finger waves but less time consuming and more permanent. Marcel waves were simply the same look as finger waves, but were created using curling tongs.

☆ 1920's flapper Jazz age Silent era lace dress

Clearly the style is mostly attitude. Gladys Zielian - 1919 - Photo by Edward Thayer Monroe, New York - Mlle