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This is an image of Pyramid head hurting a victim of the one that sined. HD Wallpaper and background photos of My Pyramid head for fans of Silent Hill images.


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Silent Hill Nurse Statue

Konami muestra figuras de Metal Gear y Silent Hill en la ComicCon

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Japan Is Calling For More Ninjas Due To Nationwide Shortage

ML Watch out, little ship with little people on it! Cthulhu's right. Behind. You!

This is a painting of the creature Cthulhu, a creation from the mind of celebrated, early century horror author, H. This scene is inspired from Lovecraft's seminal work, The Call of Cthulhu.



Reil's assassins

Reil's assassins

by Ariel Perez

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In Icelandic folklore, a woman name Grýla eats children who misbehave on Christmas. Redditor Snabbus linked to a painting of Grýla, a character historically referenced by Icelandic parents to scare children straight. In the 17th century, she was linked to Christmas as the mother of the Yule Lads — "our version of Santa Clause," Snabbus writes. A number of Icelandic Redditors confirm and elaborate on the story. The OP later linked to the artist behind this gruesome depiction.

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In Icelandic mythology Grýla is a terrible mountain-dwelling monster and giantess who ventures down from her lair at Christmas time in search of naughty children to cook in a stew and eat, with the vain hope of remedying her insatiable appetite.