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Leave a good mark wherever you go. Smile at that random person on the sidewalk. It could make their day.

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Leave a little sparkle wherever you go - beauty quote.My wish for you is that you'll always be covered in glitter and wearing fabulous crowns, so everyone you meet will see your "sparkle" on the inside!

Happiness is easily spread if you only try!

Leave a Little Sparkle-word art, christmas lighted display, just a word of wisdom


White canvas, purple brush strokes in the background, sparkle in sparkles, shine in yellow (?), dream in a blue. or all the bigger words in the same color with sparkle being glitter in the same color

Motivational Saturday: Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs! | TWELVESKIP

Motivational Saturday: Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs!

I believe this is true also Great quote What will you do to make today ridiculously amazing? from Inspiration Station's Inspiring Quo.

"We're all creatures of habit. Repeat an action enough times and it becomes habitual — an unconscious behavior. Here's a worthwhile habit to work on developing: Each day, "catch" at least one person doing something good…and praise them. Over time, you'll acquire a natural tendency to focus on the good stuff!" ~Eric Harvey   #ADDVALUE #whatgoesaround... #bekind

Remember you are worth that Smile someone gave you today! Pay it forward, folks! Pay it forward. We LIVE in AMERICA! A FREE country for now. Please, just pay it forward!

That's how you become #BEAUTIFUL <3 <3..

So true. And yet people think that when a person is happy they are crying inside.happy is happiness! Girls Shine Brighter when Happy!

) Screw with people a bit today! Being a happier person will rub off onto friends, coworkers, and family! To be a happier person try the Placebo Challenge today!