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castiel im afraid i want to die - Google Search

Castiel, your mother joke, I guess it's funnier when your mother isn't dead, lol


Best photos of the week (65 pics)

Favorite gag reel moment (day 19) - season 6 gag reel - I think this is self-explainatory. I mean the boys being dorks is awesome

supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins purgatory am i kicked out of the fandom yet <--- this is actually from season gag reel.

How can that be uncomfortable

"Red carpet" shenanigans with Jensen and Misha I love Jensens face after Misha said, " Thats not what you said last night.


Freshly baked meme for you

My life is a lie. This whole time I thought it was a photo. Big props to the person who created these


Dean never forgets. but this makes my heart hurt because if you remember, the person on the other end of the gun is Samuel, his grandfather. Family don't end with blood, but you've gotta earn it!


Dude, you are Jared ~ Jensen . oh poor Sam lol ^_^ [gifset] Jensen and Jared panel at Convention 2015


Dean is the over protective brother that you don't want to piss off for your sake