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Mama's Family

Mama's Family ~ Introduction theme song was instrumental.

Resultado de imagen para Imágenes de ALF

The Muppets - Alf Rock and Roll Video (Your the one whos out of .

The parent trap

Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap. A very convincing composite, considering that no computers were used!

Do you remember clapping erasers?

Eraser's for chalkboards at school. If you got in trouble with a teacher you would have to clean them by hitting them on the ground! Our current Smart Board generation will never know what it means to "clap erasers" for the teacher.


Alf tries to eat the cat

I had a few of these.

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Oh man, talk about a blast from the past! I had this exact Polly Pocket!

We had these bowls! @mbhinson, remember how I chewed my cereal too loudly while eating out of these bowls every morning? ;) tales from cuckoo land

Tupperware cereal bowls tales from cuckoo land. My grandma has these exact bowls! She uses them for the cat's food. Sad how the bowls we use today hold twice as much food!

Wore to mass, if you forgot one you wore a tissue!

FACT: Wore these Chapel Veils to Mass as a young Catholic school girl. I remember one time when I forgot my veil, so the nun made me bobby-pin a kleenex to my hair.

fun ways to fold notes. just like we used to when we were little!!

fun ways to fold notes. I used to be the Queen of note folding back in high school!

Silly Putty: equal amts of Sta-flo liquid starch and Elmers glue-all, (add color food coloring to the glue FIRST)  knead for 5 minutes

Homemade silly putty from starch and glue. ( Elmer's Glue-All multi-purpose glue (Not Elmer's school glue) and a concentrated liquid starch called Sta-Flo)