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No mirror needed.

✨types of people - tumblr aesthetic✨ @theresnoonelikemacavity on tumblr

✨types of people - tumblr aesthetic✨ @theresnoonelikemacavity on tumblr



It's okay not to be okay

Letters on the wall opposite the mirror - backwards.

Dove mi porta il cuore...

Cities full of empty people.

don't wa

I know I'll fall in love with you, baby And that's not what I wanna do I hope you won't ever lie to me And if you do, I know I won't be your cry baby

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the only walls stopping you are the ones you build yourself

We try to act fine So no one'll know But sometimes we slip And the cracks begin to show

god help me but i like this super pretentious moody black & white bullshit

Grow Up

There is 1 tip to buy this jacket: paramore hayley williams red rock denim vans warped tour.

Tiff blue with a touch of glitter and chevron... Do you see this Larry?

Phone wallpaper Dots_Fuschia - Art Print by Garima Dhawan Victoria's Iconic pink stripes. so pretty


I have OCD, obsessive coffee disorder, finally a proper diagnosis.

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tough like bubblegum

no fear of heights I hope

Be Free! freedom is the key:) live life! You meet know when it will end so never forget to live ur life

never grow up, it sucks more than anything but its also a really great thing if your responsible enought to handle it.

Growing up sucks kid.

You've always got your health

Shit could be worse. Ain't it true, ain't it true ( appropriate time to use the word ain't.