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Which is your favorite Lee Min Ho role? #kdrama

Which is your favorite Lee Min Ho role? so far, I'm liking City Hunter.but BoF was the first time I saw Lee Min Ho! Plus I liked him in the Heirs.

The Great Doctor Episode 4

The Great Doctor Episode 4

28 Cute Lee Min Ho faces to celebrate his 28th birthday

28 Cute Lee Min Ho faces to celebrate his 28th birthday

I loved this moment, it showed that no matter what they were going through that they were still partners that loved each other

I had a similar experience when I was younger. I broke my leg and to cheer me up, the hospital gave me a doll with a matching cast. For any medical personnel that has a heart to do little things like this to help a patient- THANK YOU!

Joshua had to have surgery. He brought his stuffed wolf, who had a tear in its leg. Joshua asked if the doctor could do a wolf surgery too. Faith in Humanity: Restored.

Faith: Lee Min Ho was awesome in this! It's also a goes back in time drama which are always interesting. Loved this one 100%.

The Great Doctor (also known as Faith) Korean Drama. One of the best movies I've seen in a long while. Curious to see how movies are done in Korea.

♥♥♥ "THE GREAT DOCTOR" (aka Faith) ~ Synopsis: This drama depicts the love between a warrior (Choi Young) from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor (Yoo Eun Soo) from the present day. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior. It will also tell the story about the process of making a true king. | Episodes: 24 | SBS  Broadcast 08/13/2012 - 10/30/2012 | Genre: fantasy, historical, medical, romance, time travel.

Faith or The Great Doctor (aka Faith) - 신의 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Korea - TV Shows - Viki

Wisdom 7:7-14  Therefore I prayed, and understanding was given me; I called on God, and the spirit of wisdom came to me. I preferred her to scepters and thrones, and I accounted wealth as nothing in comparison with her. Neither did I liken to her any priceless gem, because all gold is but a little sand in her sight, and silver will be accounted as clay before her. I loved her more than health and beauty, and I chose to have her rather than light, because her radiance never ceases.

St. Thomas Aquinas: Master Theologian, Mystic, and Poet

Thomas Aquinas- Italian Dominican friar, catholic priest and doctor of the church , he was an immensely influential philosopher , theologian and jurist in the traditions

I love learning about good celebrities who love God, the Bible and walk in faith. The liberals like to slime believers in God, people who believe in goodness, morality, truth, honor, integrity. Well, they are the putting down great actors, scientists, doctors, athletes, singers, writers.... etc.

Hugh Jackman - reminding believers of the importance of daily surrendering our lives completely to the will of our Heavenly Father, to our Savior and Lord and to the guidance and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

One of my favourite LMH laughs. (Outtake from Faith / The Great Doctor) vid source

Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ Lucky No. 8 ♥ Happy Anniversary ♥ - Page 1805 - soompi

Teaser images of The Great Doctor aka Faith

"Faith" Stills: Kim Hee Sun Is Slung On Lee Min Ho's Shoulder New Faith stills show Lee Min Ho‘s character in modern day Korea and demonstrating his strength, as he wields a police shield while carrying a seemingly unconscious Kim Hee Sun on one shoulder.

The Great Doctor, aka Faith (K-Drama), Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun

The Great Doctor as Choi Young and as Yoo Eun-soo ♥ episode 23