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sun burst mirror using paint sticks

15 DIY Projects for the Home

How To Make A Starburst Mirror  (Takes 18 packs of shims from Lowe's, 7" mirror, beaded necklace, wood glue, spray paint and something with which to hang it on the wall.)

How to Make a Starburst Mirror

There are so many things you can make a sunburst mirror of. Here is an idea of a homemade sunburst mirror from ordinary wood shims. 18 packs of wood shims

Decorating With Mirrors: Home Decorating Ideas

I was recently inspired by a driftwood sunburst mirror from an earlier post , but it seems the beach at the end of my street isn't.

We loved @Urbane Jane's DIY mirror so much, we recreated it in the September issue of Woman's Day! Click for the easy instructions to make it for your home. #DIY #craft #home

Craft Project: DIY Wall Decor

diy mosaic mirror @Kelly Kulick Link for yoga studio?

diy mosaic mirror Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Kulick Link for yoga studio?

decoart-inc:  Wooden Shim Rose Gold Starburst Mirror  http://ift.tt/1O6j9wn

decoart-inc: Wooden Shim Rose Gold Starburst... - apartmentshowcase

Wooden Shim Rose Gold Starburst Mirror - Project by DecoArt

This would be so cute! I would put the pins the other way so the pictures are out and not covering the mirror

Make Your Own Starburst Mirrors

Paint a circular wooden plaque and 32 clothespins- use hot glue to affix a smaller round mirror to the center of the plaque. Place a dot of hot glue one inch in from the closed end of a pin, and adhere to the mirror. Space the next pin ½ inch over and ad

Freeform Stepping Stones DIY - TaDeGe Pond And Water Garden - sounds so simple I've GOT to try it!

Stepping Stones DIY -great tutorial on free form concrete path made to look like stones (discusses concrete dye as well). this is what I want to do across the yard

use a handsaw to cut the stir sticks to the desired lengths, then spray them using gold spray paint. Cut a circle from newspaper the desired size of your finished mirror. Place a small circular mirror facedown at its center. Use the newspaper pattern as a guide for edge alignment of the sticks. Adhere the longest sticks to "north-south-east-west" compass points using strong crafts glue. Fill in the remaining spokes, leaving room for the wall hanger.

DIY Accessories

Sunburst Mirror - Repurpose leftover paint stir sticks to create this eye-catching sunburst mirror.

Silverware starburst mirror - could be made into a clock

Dollar Store crafts Mirror knives forks spoons Kitchen Add clock movements and voila! A new kitchen clock!