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Sophie Nélisse in The Book Thief

This is the main character of the book, Liesel. She is known as the "book thief." She is a foster child and she has a love for books.

Sophie Nelisse

The Book Thief ~over protective Rudy, at it again.

This is the scene where Liesel spots the SS and hurts herself so she can warn her family. While Liesel is playing soccer with the boys she falls and cuts open her knee. They stop the game and Liesel runs inside just in time.

The Book Thief

In the book, Liesel finds Rudy's dead body and finally kisses him. This is very significant because Rudy was always asking her for a kiss, although he knew she would refuse. Rudy was in love with Liesel and Liesel was secretly in love with him too.

Rudy watches his father walk away as he gets ready to join the war.

Rudy Steiner, the boy that felling in love with the book thief. Rudy is described by the word brave. His love for Liesel was so strong that he even feared her kiss.


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TheBook Thief<3 Rudy & Liesel

The Book Thief ~ Rudy and Liesel at the gate of the Mayor's house to deliver some laundry.

The book theif Rudy ❤️ That book is one of the best books I've ever read! I loved it SO MUCH although the ending made me cry for like an hour straight XD

The Book Thief. I just finished the book today! But I cried so hard at the end.