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.Redneck Yacht! Look! They have Satellite and everything! LOL

Lake Bruin of July Redneck yacht club. This was talked about in the fish house this year! 'How can we stay on the lake all year round?' 'We'll have to buy a big machine to keep Wood Lake Lake frozen!

If your porch is mobile but your car is not, you just might be a redneck.

Rednecks Remedies to help you in times of need. If a Redneck can't fix it no one can. Gotta love those Rednecks. Rednecks Remedies To Help In Times Of Need



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A Redneck Version of a Ride-On Lawn Mower

If you have a picture with your lawn mower. you might be a red neck!

Impresionante cuadro hecho con spaguettis tintados de colores. Todos los cuadros presentados están en perfecta armonía respecto a las gamas cromáticas. De esta forma, el primer cuadro presenta colores completamente mezclados, en el segundo siguiendo el orden del arcoiris, en el cuarto el artista juega con las texturas poniendo los spaguettis más juntos....

"The Jealous Curator States: "I am jealous of Spanish artist Joan Saló. Her untitled series using pen on canvas is stunning, breathtaking, and leaves me wondering ‘How long did that take her!’"" Oh my gosh, this is pen on canvas?

Meanwhile In Australia

maybe this makes me a hillbilly, but i think this is an awesome idea to grill in the winter!