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Alice in Wonderland    I appreciate armor that's clearly for a woman but doesn't consist of a chainmail bikini top and shinguards.

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Cala's armor for Battle of the Five Armies - forged of mithril long ago for an Elven prince, Thorin gives this set of armor to Cala when he gives Bilbo his mithril coat, before he learns of their "treachery" regarding the Arkenstone

Alice In Wonderland Armor

Alice armor - Alice in wonderland

Alice's Armour - Designed by Colleen Atwood for the movie "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton

THE NET IS VAST AND INFINITE... (hi-nu-roly: crassetination: Armor-clad wenches...)

Fantasy armor corset breastplate Lady-warrior armor Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this? This is how women of war should dress. NOT IN CHAIN-MAIL BIKINIS.<<<srsly and also good reference for stories


Shortcut to the stars LARP Warrior Chainmaill Sword Half-Shaved Head Girl

Прекрасные дамы

Ladies wearing practical armour (for a change!

Greywarden01 by Dewbunch.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Grey Warden Armour from Dragon age

Alice in Wonderland : Alice

Alice in Wonderland armor

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, 2010

Alice in Wonderland White Knight chainmail skirt

Custom Crafted Full Leather Arm armor by SharpMountainLeather

Leather Armor Custom Crafted Full Arm

*Hand crafted *Custom made using your measurements oz Premium Leather: Item(s) can be made in lighter weight leather for costume use,

alice in wonderland armor

Alice in Wonderland by The Costumer's Guide to Movies

snow white and the huntsman armor - Google Search

Kristen Stewart's Snow battle armor Armor - Snow White and the Huntsman, design by Colleen Atwood

Stahl-Rüstung Pauldrons Königin des Sees paar von IronWoodsShop

Steel Armor Pauldrons Queen of the Lake - Pair

Steel Armor Pauldrons Queen of the Lake Pair by IronWoodsShop


Knight / medieval / fantasy / cosplay for women / armor / LARP / badass

228 hours later, the Dreamer Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day is finished! (Part 2 of 3)

228 hours later, the printed Dreamer Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day is finished!

Fantasy armor lady-warrior corset

Fantasy “Lady Warrior” Functional Etched Armor Corset

Lady-warrior corset armor for sale