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Recipe - Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding - NYTimes.com

Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Vegan Caesar Lettuce Wraps with quinoa, kale and  tofu

Vegan Caesar Lettuce Wraps // with quinoa, kale, + tofu

How can you use soft tofu?

Good Question: How Can I Use Soft Tofu?

Katherine loves soft tofu, but she needs more ways to cook with it. Can you help her? I love soft, silken tofu — but pretty much every tofu recipe I can find calls for extra firm. Do you know of any great recipes for soft tofu?

In Trump Country, Shock at Trump Budget Cuts, but Still Loyalty - The New York Times

In Trump Country, Shock at Trump Budget Cuts, but Still Loyalty

Bake It With Booze!: Almost Healthy Chocolate Amaretto Silk Pie

Q: I recently bought a bulk-sized batch of tofu, only to get home and discover it is of the silken kind

Nicholas was playing an innocent game of cops and robbers with some friends of his when he was murdered. They all had plastic toy guns that looked nothing close to real guns; they were very colorful guns. The officer approached the stairwell where the kids were playing at in their own community. Nicholas, when he saw the officer, he dropped the plastic toy gun and said “We’re only playing. We’re only playing.” The officer shot him anyway. The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles Hynes…

Some of the most notable deaths since 1990 involving New York Police Department officers. Most did not lead to criminal charges; even fewer resulted in convictions

One of the most comforting dishes you can make with winter squash is a puréed soup I use rice to thicken this one, but you could also use a potato, or not add additional starch at all, as the squash itself has a lot of body To enhance the flavor, this one calls for ginger, with a little lime juice and a swirl of yogurt added before serving

Puréed Winter Squash Soup With Ginger