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✪Call me Master Shredder. I am the true warrior and Hamato Yoshi will suffer!

That is a punch.... Right in my stomach.... Im depressed now..... Im a red head....... I cant breath.

That is a punch. Right in my stomach. Im depressed now. Im a red head. I cant breath.😖😖<<<< How many Raph fangirls are there out here?

LEO! NO! by TMNTFanchick

by TMNTFanchick on deviantART (Not exactly fanart, and would usually be put on my random board, but c'mon… I can't be the only one who is FREAKING OUT!


Which Ninja Turtle would you date?

This is sooooooo awesome looking with them since they are always fighting and arguing with each other and stuff! I love it when it is obvious that Raph loves Leo and is not this big and tough Raph all the time!

Tmnt funny

Tmnt funny

Jajaja,leo se enamoró :)

Awwww leo quit it people are looking although who could blame him for my beautifulness

Brothers Raph and Donnie gif. by Theresmorethanme

I know mentioned that Donnie and Raph don't get along that well.but I was seriously grasping while trying to make this gif. There's hardly any Donnie. Brothers Raph and Donnie gif.

Near Mikey there is that random leg sticking out. I'm pretty sure thats Leo's...

Near Mikey there is that random leg sticking out.And Donnie looks so guilty

Just casey

Raphael (2012 TV series)/Gallery

Wallpaper and background photos of TMNT 2012 Headcanons for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles images.