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Makes me laugh EVERY time

I was just shopping in sporting good when. <--- I cannot stop laughing! This is the best gif I have EVER seen!that guy flu omg and. The guys in the background 😂😂

Change this to walk miles and miles and it is so true!

I run because it's good for me. Also, because I like to eat. And drink. A lot. I will start running.


Miley Cyrus was many, many things on Sunday night. 22 Things Miley Cyrus Looked Like At The 2013 VMAs.

26 of the best ideas ever (except for #26)

26 Of The Best Ideas Ever

Much better than the clean/dirty spinning magnet we got! "Today I made some Christina Aguilera magnets for our dishwasher so we would know if our dishes were clean or dirrty.

This is Awesome.

She Wants The D - Disney Shirt: This girl wants the D! She wants to go to to that disney destination all americans dream of! Disneyland and Disney World are gre

I do not normally pin these, but this one made me chuckle!

Free, Flirting Ecard: "Did your mom drop you as a baby?" "Yeah, into a pool of sexy.

Crystal.......this laugh is on me

Funny pictures about The little A-Team. Oh, and cool pics about The little A-Team. Also, The little A-Team.

Move bitch get out the way // sirens / fire truck // ambulance // ecard

Vma's: fail : Miley Cyrus : twerking : have a snickers : back to herself : funny pictures

Miley Cyrus Eat A Snickers Funny Robin Williams Commercial Remake. If only this would work

will smith y su familia - Buscar con Google

Will Smith's family's worst nightmare: 22 Things Miley Cyrus Looked Like At The 2013 VMAs

Hahaha exactly!!

A Cinderella Story this movie is the only good "Cinderella" type movie, plus I love Hilary Duff----- So true though.