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My YA Life in Book Titles

teenager (noun) when you're too young for half the things you want to do and too old to do the other half


“Keep your heels, head & standards high” as said by the style icon Coco Chanel. Bring a piece of her philosophy into your home with this

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I'm more like safety glass I don't shatter after I brake and I only brake for those who earnt it - the rest of you just polish me up for the break of my life ;


This picture is a logical fallacy because warriors and worriers are not mutually exclusive traits. The picture implies that one must either be a warrior or a worrier when in reality someone could be both. Someone who is a warrior could also be a worrier.

come on skinny love just last the year

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♡Teens dictionary♡ i guess i have skinny love guys but i dont wanna date so it can stay on the low (food)

Good time

Funny pictures about You know you had fun. Oh, and cool pics about You know you had fun. Also, You know you had fun.

Social anxiety

i get paranoid sometimes, and i'm convinced everyone hates me my therapist says i have social anxiety. i think i'm just smart enough to know the face of human nature is so horrifyingly ugly

Live life to the fullest!

Youre a teenager, live your life to the fullest life quotes life teenager teen have fun teen quotes.if only I had the people to live it up with!