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my name is lonesome I TERI hall 'ijl) Alfi; I know this pic is (reposted) from but ya shouldn't. Heil Fucking Hitler my name is lonesome I TERI hall 'ijl) Alfi; In ER know this pic (reposted) from but ya shouldn't

BWHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! i love the bear grylls!

Funny pictures about How different people piss. Oh, and cool pics about How different people piss. Also, How different people piss photos.

I'm Jerry. I pinned this to Rachel's board. She told me to make that clear. And so I have.


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Fucking cassowary-- IM ALREADY DEAD LAUGHING AT THIS DESCRIPTION. they need an adult zoo just to have these descriptions hahaha also, this bird is pretty much Kevin from the movie UP. always wondered wtf he was and now i think i figured it out!

I know this feeling. ---> Reminds me of my final project for my literature class :'D

The dark side of procrastination - funny, dark, procrastination.

I must remember to do this!!!!

Two Awesome Brothers Come Up With a Brilliant Idea. *i so need to do this with my brother, my mom would fall over laughing*

I'm so confused  Exactly. That's Spongebob for ya

F**k logic, that's why // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

When Did THIS Become Hotter Than THIS: For real. Lol!!

The 32 Best New Memes Of 2012

This is how dumb body shaming is. <--- it's body shaming when you're naturally thin, not when you're clearly starving yourself for a beauty ideal. Insinuating that narcissism is evolution is also fucking stupid.