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CG de カラマネ!:第21回:「Maya 2017 カラーマネジメントに必要な知識」 | 連載 | CGWORLD.jp

CG de カラマネ!:第21回:「Maya 2017 カラーマネジメントに必要な知識」 | 連載 | CGWORLD.jp

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Apple 27" Thunderbolt Monitor with FaceTime HD Camera, and Firewire 800.

Apple rolls out 27-inch Thunderbolt Display with FaceTime HD camera, built-in speakers


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Bonds... James Bonds by Aurelio Lorenzo

This image is a drawing of all the James Bond actors. I would love too in the future be able to direct a James Bond film. This image motivates me to get better at my craft. This image motivates me to develop mastery in my life.