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Wolverine by Dali

Amazing Spider-Man Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Paolo Rivera in the style of Salvador Dali.

None Other Salvador Dali

None Other Salvador Dali

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Some Salvador Dali images for you to enjoy. Every time I see these I find something different hidden in the pictures.

Napoleon's Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling his Shadow with Melancholia Amongst Original Ruins, 1945 Salvador Dali

Nuclear Dali Painting No Nukes

DDB Berlin has altered some world famous paintings. They used works of Dali, Bosh and Magritte. They kept the artists’ specific style but changed the theme to the new Polo BlueMotion. This Polo Bluemotion has an ‘absurdly low consumption’

The Cosmic Athlete, Salvador Dali

The Cosmic Athlete - Salvador Dali 1960 oh Salvador you always have such interesting pieces. This is a little more subdued.

Шестирукий Дали

When Salvador Dalí departed the world of the living in he left behind him a superb legacy of surreal artworks, as well as these black and white portr