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be nice to people : Photo

No I don't watch survivor! I literally hate that show. I told my mom and aunt you said hi and you sang to me cause you love me and I shared it with them and they loved how you sang. Be nice plz missy lol well I'm going to bed. It's here now.

She got new tattoos. One on her forearm. It read "love is worth the risk". And another upon her collarbone that read "I am so much more than they told me I was"

~Hey Gorgeous~ Your greatness doesn't have to be validated by others for you to be great.

- slothyun !

pluto- It definitely ruins the song I learned in like grade to remember the planets order.

He who says it's true, and he who says it's not, are both usually right @riverpoetry

Aris inhaled deeply and held his clasped hands up to his lips. He spoke quietly, but with a fierceness nonetheless. "I have been waiting my entire life for this opportunity.