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Its funny how quickly peoples feelings change but one thing becomes a constant, their actions, no matter how small or big the sacrifice you make they're stuck in their own insecurities and fears. Go after what you want, flying solo doesn't hurt.

Kimmy is right. Thanks, My Best Friend's Wedding. @Shiela Tam Reading this makes me teary eyed. I freakin love that movie too much.

6 Valentine's Day-Perfect Rom-Com Movie Quotes We Love

Thanks, My Best Friend's Wedding. McLaughlin McLaughlin McLaughlin Tam Reading this makes me teary eyed. I freakin love that movie too much.

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How to understand your partner's love language

Remember this! And remember the Five Love Languages--Talk, Time, Touch, Gifts, and Acts of Service. You may receive love in a different way than they show it!

Winston Churchill- "Everyone remembers the remark of the old man at the point of death: that his life had been full of troubles most of which had never happened. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/10/04/never-happened/

I've got 99 problems & 86 of them are completely made scenarios in my head that I'm stressing out about for no logical reason. STORY OF MY LIFE! Time to let go of worrying.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

need to find myself a real man who is mature enough to understand that loyalty, commitment, and HONESTY are a PRIORITY not an option. this is perfect, I'm realizing now that you were never a real man.