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Markus type 37 improved by guanyu2385 on DeviantArt

Markus type 37 improved by on DeviantArt


EDIT: Like I have mentioned, there are always subtle differences between anatomy standards and not all people are conform to these standards either. +MALE ANATOMY: FRONT + BACK STUDY+

Alright! They are called Buffed Slender Men now! First time hearing this and I did a quick search and yep, the similarity is in the face. XD Men with strange masks. For some odd reasons I have to g...

Ears are certainly one of the most overlooked part of the human features I think. I actually became quite conscience on how I draw/paint ears many years back when I started CGing. Drawing ears are .

█ Date of Completion: 17|09|11 Edit Note to self: ► Work on placement of breasts. ► Belly button placement. The elusive female body study XD. People had asked me a few times wh...

Wasn& happy with my drawings the last couple of i was getting rusty lol So i spent a few minutes sketching the male body form as practice Used references Texture from

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