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Anna's Hummingbird Those of us living along the western coast of North America will likely recognize the species below. This is the most common hummingbird along the Pacific Coast. And they have a fascinating courtship dance. Males will fly up to 130 feet in the sky and swoop down to Earth with alarming speed, making a chirp sound with their tail feathers before swooping back up to the sky again. You can see a video of the behavior here.

18 strange and beautiful hummingbird species

The Top 30 Dachshund photos that everyone needs to see

The Top 30 Dachshund/Wiener Dog/Hot Dog Photos Everyone Needs To See

take a look at these cute cat #friendships #cats #cutecats

Animal Odd Couples

Cat and pig? I think the cat is just using the pig for her own pleasure. Shame on that cat.

I am astounded by the person who hopes for mercy from one above him, ~ Information about Islam

THE PARROT & THE KITTEN: This kitten and parrot formed a close bond despite the bird being prey for the cat. Thankfully, the cat didn’t know that yet and decided to take a little nap with his new friend.

Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus)

Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus) In migration from the mid-Atlantic coast of the USA to the Canadian Arctic

Im Morgentau (V), Explored 10.04.2012, # 268

Im Morgentau (V), Explored # 268

Post by snoopthesausage on Instagram | Vibbi

Post by snoopthesausage on Instagram | Vibbi

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