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Color always plays an important role in nail art designs. When you have a nail art ideas, the color is one of considerations in your design as it could express one’s mood and personality. Pink, a combination of red and white, is a very popular theme of co


How cute for Disney world I also love Minnie Mouse and Mickey I am also a really big ride fan and even rides at Disney.

Lisa Frank colors, love it

Neon rainbow coloured geometric mani This pattern makes me think of a rainbow umbrella.

Cupcake Nail Art

Recette pour un nail art gourmand // Cupcake!

Are you ready to make your hands lovely looking with the cupcake nail art designs? Well if yes then get started because here comes the outstanding cupcake na.

Mc Donald's nail art! Are you lovin it?

Everyone loves McDonalds! Imagine yourself eating their delicious burgers while having your nails like these! It is the perfect setting, burger, fries, drink who could ask for more! Fast food nail designs are awesome!

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