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North Carolina Bird Identification Chart | Peterson's Backyard Birds of the Southeast Poster

This stunning poster includes 81 of the most common backyard birds of the…

How to Encourage Wild Birds to your Garden

A guide on how to encourage wild birds to your garden, including what to feed wild birds and more.

Great map of the migratory routes of birds in the Americas via @avesplayeras

Aves Playeras on

What Bird is That.Frank Chapman.ColorPlate1

The Language of Birding

Feed the Birds! February is National Bird Feeding Month, est. Frank Chapman, “What Bird is That?” A Pocket Museum of Land Birds of the Eastern United States, Arranged According to Season

Game Birds - the Galliformes

Laminated Gamebirds & Land Fowl Identification Poster Chart by Feenixx Posters This is an order / clade of heavy-bodied ground-feeding birds.

Non & venomous snakes native to North America ... found here in SC

Laminated North American Snakes Poster by Feenixx Publishing Snakes descend from lizards. Like them, they have loosely articulated skulls, and most can dislocate their lower jaw in order to swal

Birds, birds, birds! This print features over 740 feathered friends, from common sparrows, jays, and owls to rarer birds such as the Greater Sage-Grouse, the California Condor, and the Whooping Crane. Perfect for casual bird appreciators and superfans alike. #colossal

Birds of North America

This print features illustrations of more than 740 feathered friends, perfect for casual bird appreciators and superfans alike.

New England Birds Identification | Bird Watching Challenge and Bird Book

Bird Watching Challenge and Bird Book


North American Birds of Prey Avian Raptors Animal Education Poster – BananaRoad