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Babylon 5 Personality Traits -- ah, so I'm either John Sheridan or Dr Steven Franklin (depending on how secure I feel about the people around me).

The Grey's Anatomy MBTI® Chart :-)

The Grey's Anatomy MBTI® Chart

The Grey's Anatomy MBTI® Chart :-) Now I know why I identify with Meredith Grey so much.

Flirting. Babylon 5 rewatch 4x3

How To Get A Girl Through Text

Harvest moon mbti

Harvest Moon Personality Types - Only because I'm a total nerd.

Ace Attorney MBTI Chart by LinkInSpirit

I couldn't find an MBTI Chart for my favorite series, so I made one! I sadly couldn't make all the characters fit! Take the quiz here to find out your perso.

Pokemon MBTI | Pokémon Amino>>> YAY at least I'm somewhat like N

So I've been obsessed with MBTI and Zodiac stuff lately so I found some awesome MBTI stuff related .

Walking Dead MBTI

I love the walking dead and I hope there are some other people out there who do too, so here! I found a thing Walking Dead MBTI Chart