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Probably not found on anybody's refrigerator door, this mounted poster is nonetheless ideal for use in many school counselor and therapist offices. It can be used to explain the basic principles behin

Feeling Thermometers - Mounted Poster

A key tool in the implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the Feeling Thermometer helps treat the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety in children.

Dealing with anxiety and depression symptoms can be a huge struggle that only others who have suffered in a similar way can truly understand.

Depression and anxiety symptoms often tend to overlap, especially in the older population, leading to an under-diagnosis of anxiety. However, treatment for the two disorders can be different - that's why it's important to accurately diagnose and assess.

Nice ways to help cope with anxiety!

The Best Apps For Anxiety for iPhone and Android!

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Positive living with anxiety. The demands you put on yourself can create more pressure than you know how to handle. Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra helps you break the cycle of anxiety by changing the way you respond to stress.

Did this in counselling. For EVERY negative thought about yourself, there is an unhealthy way of thinking present. These are those ways of thinking that feed your negativity and keep you in a shitty mindset. BE AWARE.

Learn to label your unhealthy thinking patterns. Labelling your cognitive distortions will promote inner awareness, thereby helping you change and overcome those negative thought patterns.

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The impact of childhood trauma on adult disorders. If you are treating a specific disorder but not treating the trauma, the underlying causes for the disorder cannot be healed. Trauma informed care is based on the premise that almost every human being has been exposed to trauma at one time or another.

Experiences from the earliest days of childhood play an important role in shaping the brain’s development. Learn more about the lasting impact of childhood trauma on chronic adult disorders.

Psychology : 18% of the adult population experience anxiety disorder which can interfere wit

Psychology infographic & Advice of the adult population experience anxiety disorder, which can interfere wit. Image Description of the adult popu

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Good ideas for life in general but also great points for dealing with work-related challenges. Personal Excellence Manifesto by Celes

How to Build Mental Strength (Even If You’re Overwhelmed) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

How to Build Mental Strength (Even If You’re Overwhelmed) AmyMorin, resilience, CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tap the link to check out sensory toy

Relationship healthy boundaries

To avoid abuse and foster healthy relationships you must develop boundaries. If you came from a dysfunctional family learning boundaries will improve all of your relationships.