Spoilers: Do not read this article until you have finished "The Final Problem."

Let's Chat About Sherlock And Lestrade In That Final "Sherlock" Episode

At the end of last night’s episode, he said this. When in series one he said he hoped sherlock would one day become a good man and it's at that moment we al realise he is in fact one.

Sherlock S04 EP02 "The Lying Detective". Season 4. | So true mrs Hudson... I am afraid he will.

"If Sherlock Holmes dies too, who will you have then? Hudson, John and Mary damn well love mrs Hudson

Sherlock S04 EP03 "The Final Problem". Season 4. Episode 3.

Sherlock "The Final Problem"."Would you like a cup of tea? The kettle's ovr there" - Mycroft and sassy Mrs.

This was so sad. Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3, "The Final Problem."

This was so sad. Sherlock Season 4 Episode "The Final Problem. His little smile that he had a little sister that loved making him laugh and then no. It wasn't laughter but screaming.