Today we celebrate 27 years. Jun made me a beautiful homemade picture with our song as a tree, our initials as hearts and 3 flowers to represent our awesome kids. I posted the a picture on Twitter :-) He posted a beautiful tribute on FB and he holds me close every single day in his heart and soul. I still get giddy when I think of him. Smiling right now :-) I am the luckiest wife in all the land and I make sure he knows how much he is loved and appreciated. #honeyhoney #marriage

Marriage Quotes for a lifetime of love and happiness. I value my marriage and we work hard every day to make choices to remain married and to draw closer together. I protect my marriage and my family. marriage, marriage tips

Need some ideas to build up your man? Here are 15 Texts to Encourage Your Husband

15 Texts to Encourage Your Husband

15 Texts to Encourage Your Husband, feel free to encourage your husband in a way that fits you and your marriage. Instead of a text you could insert encouragement

For my dearly beloved husband ❤️ in Jesus name ! Amen

Prayer Of The Day – My Marriage --- Dear God, I pray for my marriage right now. May you shield my marriage from the attacks of the enemy. Please guard my relationship with my husband and protect us against elements that tempt or taunt us.

A relationship can only work between two people...

So true.A relationship can only work between two people who are totally present and dedicated to one another, despite any outward distractions or internal problems. You're either in it together, or you're not in it at all.

Setting Goals as a Couple: To Strengthen Your Marriage

Setting Goals as a Couple

Sweets, we should be better at setting goals, although I feel like we set most of these goals early or have talked about doing them, I don't think we've set many goals lately. Setting Goals as a Couple: To Strengthen Your Marriage

You'll be perfect for me, my future husband <3

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Man

There is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect marriage. But the one I have is absolutely perfect.

Dave Willis marriage quote husbands love wives well children watching sons daughters

5 traits of a great spouse

"Husbands, love your wife well! Your children are noticing how you treat her. You are teaching your sons how to treat women and you are teaching your daughters what they should expect from men."Quote by Dave Willis

Real talk

No matter how expensive the pillow is it could never be as comfortable as my husband’s shoulder. I don't have a husband but a shoulder is a very comfy place.

20 marriage lessons we learned from our first year,,

Discover the unique and practical lessons we learned the hard way as newlyweds to survive our first year of marriage. Great marriage lessons will always improve and strengthen your marriage. Understand men at www.

Everything That Sparkles

Love is in the air and I wanted to share with you a Valentine’s Day subway art printable that I created based on a famous quote from the movie The Vow.

Love is Sweet and a Titus 2sday Link-up Party! - Time-Warp Wife | Time-Warp Wife

Love is Sweet and a Titus 2sday Link-up Party

Marriage the roots are deep, the covenant is solid, love is sweet, life is hard & God is good.