Sintra - Portugal - In 1493, Christopher Columbus sailing for the Spanish crown, was blown off course by gale force winds and fearing for the survival of his ship, spotted the rock of Sintra. Despite the awkwardness of seeking safe harbor in Portugal, Columbus had no choice under the circumstances and sailed from there into the port of Lisbon.

The Pena National Palace: summer residence of the monarchs of Portugal during the century

Electrico 28 - Lisbon's star Tram, Portugal -  In a city with so many historical trams, one wonders why Tram 28 (locally known as eléctrico 28) is so famous in the Portuguese capital. It’s not about the tram in itself (they all look pretty much alike) – it’s all about the voyage that it invites you on…

Whenever you are in Lisbon, hop on Tram This is the most complete intro to the city you could ever hope for, and it’s only

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Pena Palace of Portugal. Built in the it is one of Europe's most fantastic palaces.

Palacio da Pena Sintra

Travel: Why Sintra deserves far more than just a day trip - By Julie Dawn Fox - Portuguese American Journal

Surfers of all levels enjoy the waves at Ericeira, which, as a World Surfing Reserve, is home to a number of surf schools and competitions.

Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon invites guests to explore the Portuguese capital's stunning palaces, fine wines, natural beaches and much more.

monumentos de portugal - Pesquisa do Google

monumentos de portugal - Pesquisa do Google

Palace Hotel in Menton

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I've been here many times, and it never loses its magic. Blenheim Palace - Fantastic Palace.  Built for John Churchill by the order of Queen Ann in the early 1700's.  Winston Churchill was born here in 1874.

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