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Bananas In Pajamas I'm watching the new version with Molly right now.... NOTHING like the classic! :(

Banana's in Pajamas. are coming down the stairs, Banana's in Pajamas!

Gli orsetti del cuore

The Care Bears (Os Ursinhos Carinhosos) / 1985 / DiC Entertainment

The Smurfs

The Smurfs. Originally aired between 1981 to This was the longest running cartoon series - nine years! 256 episodes with a total of 421 stories. Is there any cartoon that could beat that record?

♥ the Smurfs

This is Percy during the Titan war


The Smurfs have been around for decades now and have been popular off and on. Whether it be the Saturday morning cartoon, toys or live movie, they have always founf a way into the hearts of many fans.

Top Cat - At the end of every episode, when it was going off, I used to cry my eyes out. LOL

Top Cat and his gang (Fancy Fancy, Benny the Ball, Choo Choo, Spook and Brain) with Officer Dibble