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The Batman& Wonderwomen

Wonder Woman has been an idol for every little girl who has ever taken interest in superhero comics. Like Batman, Superman and the other superheroes, Wonder Woman is recognised even by those who haven’t picked up a comic book in their lives.

And because Wonder Woman belongs with Batman...

Super friendzoned

Funny pictures about Super friendzoned. Oh, and cool pics about Super friendzoned. Also, Super friendzoned photos.

That's why I like Batman the best!

That's why I like Batman the best!

Funny pictures about There's a reason everybody likes Batman. Oh, and cool pics about There's a reason everybody likes Batman. Also, There's a reason everybody likes Batman.

BM WW by Phil Noto

Wonder Woman - Bruce and Diana. Resistance is futile (even without the lasso). By Phil Noto.

Paixão Impossível - Especial WONDERBAT

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I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern - Justice League War

The fact that Batman doesn't have powers makes him that much more hardcore. This scene from the just alright Justice League: War movie perfectly portrays this about him. And it might be a bit out of character maybe, but I love that smile at the end 😆

Ah!! Batman!! Issues! This show was literally the most hilarious interpretation of Barman.

22 Times The Justice League Proved Their Superpower is Sass. I love this scene between Batman and Wonder Woman.

Batman and wonder woman

I wanted to draw all the versions Bruce Timm has done of Wonder woman. For those who don't know the one in the middle is the newest wonder woman Bruce timm has done for his upcoming movie named: Ju.