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Can Drinking a Gallon of Water Every Day Make you Healthier? A First-hand Account of This Challenge Says Maybe So..  Continue Reading

12 Months of Prepping, One Month as a Time - Let me help you break down the overwhelming task of emergency and disaster preparedness or prepping.

IIDA Entry Makes Fresh Water | Yanko Design

When travelers are lost, stranded or in an emergency situation, one of the most difficult parts of waiting for help to arrive is finding fresh, potable water.

No doomsday prepper should be without this emergency water container. When disaster strikes, you’ll have 100 gallons of fresh water to store in your bathtub that will last you up to four weeks. Now the only problem you’ll have is dealing with the collapse of civilization.  Buy It  $29.89

Emergency Water Container

waterBOB - Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, be prepared to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand with the cool new waterBOB - Emergency Drinking Water Storage.

DIY Plastic Bottle Water Filter DIY Projects

DIY water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.

The Healthy Power of Drinking #Water - helps your weight, energy, headaches, skin, digestion, and more

Understanding drinking water health benefits as they are explained providing complete health details of hydrating your body daily and properly.

Duct Tape Craft for Boys - Velcro Arm Bands - Frugal Fun For Boys

Duct Tape Craft for Boys – Velcro Arm Bands

Duck Brand 1398228 by Duck Tape, Cosmic Tie-Dye, (colored duck tape, duck tape, ducktape)

How Long To Boil Drinking Water? 30 minutes at 160° F, 3 minutes at 185° F, Instant at 212° F (Boiling)

water temperatures above F C) kill all pathogens within 30 minutes and above F C) within a few minutes. So in the time it takes for the water to reach the boiling point F or C) from F C), all pathogens will be killed, even at high altitude.

Emergency Prep ideas for free  Video inventory, Family evacuation plan, Family emergency plan, Store water in juice bottles, Written list of phone numbers, Written recipes with shelf stable items, Brush up on first aid skills, Other skills, Plan for specific risks in area, Organize first aid supplies

10 Ways to Prepare for FREE

Food Storage and Emergency prep can be expensive! However, there are many things that you can do to prepare for little or NO cost. Site includes recipes for 100 shelf stable meals!

16 tips for coping without running water.  These are based upon my own personal experience without water for 12 days | Backdoor Survival

16 Tips: Coping Without Running Water

Even with an abundance of stored water, could you cope without RUNNING water? These tips are based on my experience going 12 days without running water.